A Scalable Multi-Agent System
Ralph Deters - UoS
The multi-agent research community is currently faced with a paradox. While
promoting the use of agents as the silver bullet for various software
engineering problems, it faces difficulties in presenting successful
deployments. Despite the countless multi-agent prototypes that have been
developed, the number of actually deployed and in use MAS is at best very
small [1]. One reason for the noticeable absence of deployed multi-agent
systems is their inability to scale. This paper reports about the use of a
CORBA/Java middle-ware layer called DICE, which enables transparent access to
the resources of different physical machines. Using this layer it becomes
possible to build large multi-agent systems that require large numbers of
concurrent threads and significant memory resources. Using DICE it becomes
possible to build large agent societies consisting of complex agents defined
in JESS.